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CoinAll Launches a 10000 USDT New-User Campaign to Expand Community

CoinAll has today announced the launch of a
new user campaign which will last a month and features a 10,000
USDT bonus pool. Users who complete the two-task mission will have a chance to
share in the bonus. The campaign comprises two tasks. In
task one, new users have to register on CoinAll and pass KYC1
verification. In the second task, new users need to deposit CoinAll-listed cryptocurrencies into their
accounts. Upon completion of the two tasks, they will get the
bonus. The campaign is open to all digital asset traders from around the world.

“Community is the foundation of CoinAll. We hope to make it
larger and stronger. Together with our users, we endeavor to make the industry
better in the near future,” said Katherine Deng,
General Manager of CoinAll.

CoinAll is a community-driven exchange, which means the users of
the CoinAll community have the power to influence the development of the
exchange. CoinAll also launches various promotions for the
community as well.

For example, the blockchain quiz show “Who Wants to Be
a COINALL-inaire” hosted in March, featured the industry’s first
“decentralized question bank” and attracted hundreds of thousands of
participants. By answering 10 questions correctly, users could take
home hundreds of USDT in prizes. While enjoying the fun and bonuses,
users also broadenedtheir knowledge about blockchain technology.

By offering a variety of campaigns, CoinAll has
rapidly established a community of tens of thousands of members.

Besides community development, CoinAll also spares no effort in
offering high-quality blockchain projects to traders. For example, COSM, which
will be supported by Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone and is the
first dApp partner of Samsung, was one of the very first offerings by
the exchange. CoinAll has also listed other well-received
projects such as BTT, ZIL, ONT, and Grin.

As an fast-emerging exchange, CoinAll was recognized
as the first strategic partner of OKEx, the top-class exchange
in the world. CoinAll is showing great ambition, pledging to become
top-20 exchange in the world within 1 year with the help of OKEx.

“We feel grateful to our users,” said Katherine Deng. “And we want to give back to our
community and make it larger and stronger. This time, our new campaign also
reflects our great determination that CoinAll will continuously offer projects
of high quality and good trading experience to global users.”

For more information about the promotion, please visit:


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